Testimonials – Featured EVMi® Alumni

The EVMP® program is an excellent and comprehensive overview of EVM, project controls and project management. I wish I had taken this course 5 years ago !”

Col (Ret) David Reth, BS, MS, EVMP®, EVMP – Aerospace & Defense™
Deputy Administrator, National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), Maryland, USA

“The ITPM Information Technology Project Manager™ certification class discussions, course materials and the ITPM Strategy PlayBook™ were very applicable and I was able to immediately apply what I learned at work. Thank you to Professor Kwaku Akyeampong, and the EVMI team for providing a valuable course with direct application to the real world”

Mrs. Jackie Woodson, BS (Computer Science), MS (Human Computer Interaction), CRISC, CEH, CISSP, Security+, ITPM™
Senior Software Engineering Manager, Lockheed Martin in Pennsylvania, USA

“The EVMP® Earned Value Management Professional® class and certification was a practical approach to learning how to apply Earned Value Management principles to my projects. The topics, exercises, and case studies – along with our passionate instructor (Doctor EVM) were as interesting as they were effective. The course was challenging, informative, complete and well organized. I will definitely recommend the EVMP® certification program through EVMi® to my colleagues. The EVMP® class and certification was a practical approach to learning how to apply Earned Value Management principles to my projects. The topics, exercises, and case studies – along with our passionate instructor (Doctor EVM) were as interesting as they were effective. The course was challenging, informative, complete and well organized. I also learned about new EVM work products (like the EVMATOM® Earned Value Management Accountability Transparency and Oversight Matrix®) that I can leverage on future projects. I will definitely recommend the EVMP® certification program through EVMi® to my colleagues.”

Notes: Professor Kwaku Akyeampong is aka DoctorEVM™ and President at EVMI® and Senior Earned Value Management Subject Matter Expert/Instructor

EVMATOM® Earned Value Management Accountability Transparency and Oversight Matrix® is a registered trademark owned by Professor Kwaku Akyeampong in the USA and globally

Mr. Kyle John Castelino, EVMP®, EVMP – Management Consulting™
Earned Value Management (EVM) Lead - Senior Associate, Pricewaterhouse Coopers (Public Sector), USA www.pwc.com

“EVMi® Earned Value Management Institute® was accommodating and very responsive to an immediate requirement our firm had for a training and certification program. Without the assistance of EVMi® Earned Value Management Institute® and their willingness to exceed expectations our firm would have missed a critical training opportunity.”

Mrs. Rhonda C. Harrison, BBA, MBA, PMP, EVMP®, EVMP – Management Consulting™
Manager, Pricewaterhouse Coopers (Public Sector), USA www.pwc.com

“The EVMP® Earned Value Management Professional® certification program has been very useful in reinforcing my Earned Value Performance Management knowledge and experience; and helped me gain a better perspective in implementing Earned Value Performance Management (EVPM) at my organization”

Mr. Madan Gottipati, MSc, PMP, PMI-SP, MOP, EVMP®, EVMP – IT & CyberSecurity™
Lead, Project Controls, BHP Billiton, Singapore

“The EVMP® Earned Value Management Professional® certification program is very comprehensive and intensive; and I recommend for all Project Management Professionals (PMPs)”

Mr. Li Shu, BSc, PMP, PMI-SP, EVMP®, EVMP – IT & CyberSecurity™
Lead, Project Services, BHP Billiton, Singapore

“EVMI®’s CRMP™ Customer Relationship Management Professional™ certification class extends beyond solely customer service. It integrates all facets of managing customer relationships for successful business development. The CRMP™ certification program provides a 360 degree view on organizational development and will be useful on all projects”

Ms. Sarah Ellis, BS, CRMP™
Senior Customer Care Manager, National Government Services, Pennsylvania, USA

“My experience with EVMI® Earned Value Management Institute® has been really amazing! The EVMP® Earned Value Management Professional® & EVMP – Government™ and joint EVMD/EVMO™ Earned Value Management Director/Earned Value Management Officer™ certification programs that I have taken were taught by Professor Kwaku Akyeampong.

Professor Kwaku Akyeampong is an excellent teacher and instructor and he coached me throughout the class on various topics to include EIA 748-C Earned Value Management Systems (EVMS) industry standards and best practices, project management, contract management best practices, risk detection, quality control, change control and management, stakeholder management, resources management and resources utilization.

Both classes (EVMP® Earned Value Management Professional® & EVMP – Government™ and EVMD/EVMO™ Earned Value Management Director/Earned Value Management Officer™ provided experiential learning opportunities that help solidify your understanding of the concepts and put them in practice during the classes, which makes it easy to translate when I apply these techniques to my own organization.

I highly recommend both the EVMP® Earned Value Management Professional® & EVMP – Government™ and EVMD/EVMO™ Earned Value Management Director/Earned Value Management Officer™ certification programs to anyone who wants to implement and improve the quality of Earned Value Management Systems and Project control in your organization”

Dr. Kara Lynn Lewis, PhD, MBA, MS, BS, EVMP®, EVMP – Government™, EVMD/EVMO™, ChPCO™, CRQO™
Associate Director, Internal Revenue Service (IRS) in Maryland, USA

“I was looking for a quick and effective way to learn more about Earned Value Management (EVM) and I did not want to incur any additional cost such as travel, hotel and per diem so I enrolled in the online EVMP® Earned Value Management Professional® and EVMP – Oil & Gas® credential certification course class. This EVMP® Earned Value Management Professional® and EVMP – Oil & Gas® credential certification course was what I expected from EVMI® and what I liked most was the way the Instructor, Professor Kwaku Akyeampong, transmitted his knowledge which was seasoned with anecdotes about his experiences acquired during his professional life and career.

I really enjoyed this EVMP® Earned Value Management Professional® and EVMP – Oil & Gas® credential certification training and I highly recommend this course to anyone working on projects. The information regarding the EVM and Project Control processes involved in tracking a project accurately to identifying the project status and progress has been very invaluable”

Mr. Jose Alberto Sosa, BS (Electrical Engineering), MS (Electrical Engineering), MS (Finance), EVMP®, EVMP – Oil & Gas™, EVMD/EVMO™
Principal Scheduler & Planner, FLUOR in Texas, USA

“Upon enrolling in the Earned Value Management Institute®’s EVMP® Earned Value Management Professional® credential certification program, I had very limited knowledge of the EIA 748-C EVMS Industry standards. However, the EVMP® certification program was very effective in providing me with an in-depth understanding in a very short period of time. The EVMP® certification program was challenging, but well worth it! I would gladly recommend organizations to adopt an EVMS program and to look to enroll in the EVMP® certification program!”

Mr. Nathan J. Ward, BS (Mechanical Engineering), MBA, EVMP®, EVMP – Manufacturing™
Chief Operating Officer (COO), Bunting Architectural Metals in Pennyslvania

“I will definitely recommend EVMI®’s EVMP® Earned Value Management Professional® credential certification training program as the course is well organized and structured towards the EVMP® Certification. I was very satisfied with the content and the course helped me to increase my confidence level to pass the exam”

Mr. Jerry Unger, BS (Information Systems), PMP®, EVMP®, EVMP – IT™
Principal/Senior Information Technology (IT) Program Manager, Booz Allen Hamilton at Lexington Park, MD, USA

As Senior Management Consultant (Oil & Gas, Project Management, EPC), the CPCO™ Certified Project Control Officer™ credential certification program has helped me consolidate my experiences and lessons learned into a concise My CPCO™ Certified Project Control Officer™ Strategy Playbook ™. This playbook enables me to quickly embed Earned Value Management, Risk Management and Project Controls processes to obtain high value and project success”

Mr. Maxime Dufour, MBA, CPCO® Certified Project Control Officer®, PMP®, ITIL, SAP/ERP
Oil & Gas Practice Lead, ORACLE CORPORATION, Calgary, Alberta, CANADA

“By attending EVMi®’s intensive EVMP® Earned Value Management Professional® credential certification program, I am further empowered with more skills, leads, competencies, tools, techniques and motivation to make a change in my organization towards a greater success in Earned Value Management (EVM) and Project Controls”

MR. William Tang Hung Chan, FRICS MHKIS, EVMP®, EVMP – Utilities™
Senior Lead Planner & Scheduler, MasTec, Inc in Houston, Texsa, USA

“The EVMP® program was a great experience which enabled me to apply my knowledge of program management to EVM analytics. The EVMP® program broadened my perspective and the materials was perfectly relevant and timely to my company’s corporate EVM objectives ”

MR. Garrett Gilbert, BA, MBA, EVMP®, EVMP – Healthcare™
Senior Business Finance Manager , Anthem in Maryland, USA

As Senior Instructor for the EVMP® Earned Value Management Professional® certification program, my recommendation for success is outlined as:
The 4 Keys To Ultimate Success In The EVMP® Credential Certification Program Are: (1), Stay Focused, (2), Hit The Ground Running From The Outset, (3), Have Excellent Time Management and Execution Skills; and (4), Be A Problem Solver and Multi-tasker”. “The EVMP® Credential Certification Program is intense, extensive, in-depth and requires lots of energy, drive, analytical and research skills, passion, and a burning desire to succeed. Upon completion, you will acquire all those cutting-edge skills that sets you apart as an EVMP® – that person on the project who always executes, always delivers results, always fixes problems, always implement industry standard best practices EVMS, always improves project/product quality, always makes the right decisions, always mitigates risks, and always exceeds the expectations of the client/customer”

Professor Kwaku Akyeampong, MS (Project Management), MS (Information Systems Technology), MS (Economics), ChPCO™, CEVO®, EVMP®, CPCO®, RQMP®, CCAM®
Senior Earned Value Management & Project Control Instructor, EVMI® Earned Value Management Institute®

“This is the best Earned Value training that I have attended”. “I felt that this was a very well taught EVMS [Earned Value Management Systems] course [referring to the EVMP® Earned Value Management Professional® credential certification program].” “The EVMP® principles, objectives, course materials, instruction and exercises were very applicable and essential to project management”

Mr. Richard Marcum, PMP®, EVMP®, EVMP – Government®
Senior Project Controls Manager, FERMILABS, Illinois, USA

“After successfully budgeting and estimating large systems integration, development and business process re-engineering projects for many years, I did not think I would gain much from the EVMP® class, but since many contracts are now coming out with EVM as a requirement, I felt compelled to take the class. I had assumed that the class would focus on how to generate the required reports but it was an extremely comprehensive and well presented overview of program management, risk management, quality management, how to ensure your processes and systems are EVM compliant as well as the technical aspects of how to schedule activities, budget to those activities, and ensure your projects are on schedule and within budget.”

Ms. Debbie Hillard, BS (Accounting), MBA (Information Systems), EVMP®, EVMP – IT®
President, Gunnison Consulting Group, Chevy Chase, MD, USA

“Taking the EVMP® training as a management team provided value from day one. As the program progressed, we began using a common lexicon to describe our programs, projects and quality initiatives. It brought us closer as a team, and has provided a commitment to providing Earned Value Management (EVM) to our internal and external customers. We look forward to ongoing EVM training and certifications from EVMI®. Professor Kwaku Akyeampong, EVMI® President teaches from the heart and his passion is infectious, and the classes are enjoyable and motivational! Thanks Kwaku – we look forward to immediate results”

Ms. Suzanne Magee, BA in Communications, CISSP, EVMP®
Founder, President & CEO, Techguard Security®, St. Louis, Missouri, USA

“Earning my EVMP® credential certification will increase my ability to lead and manage multiple project teams to successfully deliver large complex programs. Through thought leadership, create and cultivate an environment that can achieve results”

Mr. Richard Collins Jr., BA (Economics), CSM, PMP®, EVMP®, EVMP – IT™
Chief Technologist, Booz Allen Hamilton at Missouri, USA

“Earning both the EVMD/EVMO and EVMP certifications provides me with the credibility to setup and manage Earned Value Management Systems (EVMS) across my company’s projects. I believe these certifications have given me a solid foundation to execute my job in the most effective manner, and this course has helped me change my mindset from an EVMS user to think more about strategic EVMS implementation”

Mrs. Gwenna Hill, BA, MS, PMP®, EVMP®, EVMD/EVMO®
Senior Program Manager, Idaho Treatment Group, Advanced Mixed Waste Project Idaho Falls, IDAHO, USA

“Professor Kwaku Akyeampong (EVMP® Instructor) was excellent at supplying the class with real life examples and experiences, which helped me to understand how better to adapt the EVM practices into my own program. I’d recommend this class to anyone working on projects. The information that I gained regarding the processes involved in tracking a project accurately and to identify the status and progress has been invaluable.”

Ms. Kari Jones, BA, MBA, EVMP®, EVMP – Aerospace & Defense™
Senior Associate , Booz Allen Hamilton in Michigan, USA

“This mini “MBA” intensive class provides me with all the knowledge and management tools to design, develop and manage Earned Value Management Systems (EVMS) effectively and efficiently at my organization. Through completion of case studies and the “My EVMP Portfolio” playbook exercises, I gained hands on and practical skills and abilities to develop EVMS related policies, processes, procedures and system documentations. The class is very well prepared and organized with quality and high level technical contents .”

Mr. Meng Yang, MBA, MSPM, BS, EVMP®, PMP®
Head of the Project Management Office (PMO), Canadian Nuclear Laboratories (CNL) in Ontario, CANADA

The EVMP® credential certification program was life changing as it empowers you to be courageous and gives you the tools to make positive impacts in your company by adopting Earned Value Management (EVM) principles. Moreover, the hands-on approach was important to give you the confidence to implement and hit the ground running. Overall great experience!”

Mr. Carl Benbow, MBA, BS, EVMP®, EVMP® IT; PMP®, LSSMBB
Senior Healthcare Consultant, NOBLIS in Maryland, USA

“I thoroughly enjoyed the class. Professor Kwaku Akyeampong is a wealth of knowledge on not just Earned Value Management (EVM) but also on project management as a whole. The concepts and ideas I learned will make a huge positive impact on my projects once I can fully implement them. I recommend this class to anyone looking for additional knowledge in Earned Value Management (EVM)”

Mr. Derrick Sullivan, BS, CGFM, EVMP®, EVMP – Aerospace & Defense™
Senior Cost Analyst, Yulista Aviation, Inc, in Hunstville, Alabama, USA

The EVMP® program is an excellent training program that every project control professional should have. This program has offered me hands-on tools to manage my projects effectively and efficiently. This EVMP® program is a game changer. I am sincerely happy and grateful to EVMi® for the body of knowledge this program has offered me and I highly recommend this program to every project practitioner in the Oil and Gas sector. I personally will preach about this EVMP® certification program.”

Mr. Babatunde Joseph Ojo, BS (Mechanical Engineering), EVMP®, EVMP – Oil & Gas™
Project Controls Manager , EXXON MOBIL, LAGOS, NIGERIA

Mr. Derrick Oetting, BS (Computer Science), CCNA, MCP, EVMP®
Senior Network Engineer, Techguard Security®, St. Louis Missouri, USA

“After receiving my EVMP® certification, I learned to address any variances and program problems before they escalate into something major. I learned how to bring the program’s problems to meetings to brainstorm a resolution. In addition, I learned that to run a program successfully, you have to allocate the program’s responsibility down to the CAMs and across to team members. I also gained more insight on how to calculate program variances and mitigate program risks; and that allocating the responsibility to the CAMs will make the program run smoother.”

Mr. Minh-Nhat Ngo, BS (Economics), MBA, EVMP®
Earned Value Management & Financial Analyst, PRAXIS, VA, USA

“Your EVMP® course which I just completed reinforces my experience over the years with EVM. As an industry standard and best practice, EVM provides transparency and accountability of a project’s performance from the Control Account Manager all the way to executive level managers. Further, as you emphasized during the course, senior management support and the integration of EVM with other management controls, such as Risk Management, Configuration Management, Schedule Management, Engineering Management, and Quality Management are essential elements of effective project management. With strong management support and the integration of these controls the project manager’s chances for managing costs, schedules, and delivering a quality product are greatly improved.”

Mr. William D. Jenison, BS (Industrial Engineering), ME (Industrial Engineering), MS (Systems Management), EVMP®
Senior Scheduling Manager, NASA, Maryland

“In over 22 years of engineering/manufacturing support I have had the opportunity to witness good and bad examples of project management on project sizes ranging from micro electronics to jumbo commercial aircraft. Effective project management is the key to successful completion for projects of any size and complexity. The Earned Value Management Institute® (EVMI®) provides training in the area of program management that utilizes real world examples and experiences in a very enthusiastic and knowledgeable manner.”

“Currently the projects our company completes are small and the budgeting is handled at the contract level, not the project level. The principles of EVMP® have been implemented and already there have been improvements in on time delivery of goods to our customer. All projects were monitored on a time scale however the method used before was in depth and time consuming taking time away from other priorities. The principles of the Earned Value Management Institute® make program tracking a simple and hassle free task” “I have experienced other styles of program management such as TQMS. The training staff was not driven to see the students succeed as it was with EVMI®. This is training that will be valuable both personally and to our company as we move ahead with government contracts in the electronics industry.”

Mr. Kurt Teets, BS in Mechanical Engineering (BSME), EVMP®
Senior Engineering Manager, Rosebud Electronics Integration Corporation (REI Corporation), Mission, SD, USA

“As a result of attaining the EVMP® certification from EVMI®, I was able to immediately apply direct knowledge and EVM planning considerations in my role as a key team member on an EIA-748-C EVMS Compliance program, as well as an overarching Integrated Program Management initiative here at the Department. In the course of developing of a standardized WBS for use in an IMP/IMS model, we were able to clearly articulate and emphasize the critical importance of planning for, and embedding EVM strategies and practices early in the planning and scheduling processes.” “The skills and knowledge gained through my EVMP® certification training were instrumental to our team’s development of an EVMS compliance program. Our implementation plan was augmented with an EVMS Compliance Toolkit containing SOP’s, self-assessment checklists and a CER handbook, as well as process validation and testing procedures. We elected to demonstrate EVMS compliance on a target program and validate the processes necessary to achieve EVMS compliance during this demonstration. The end goal to set in place an EVMS compliance program with repeatable processes that can be instituted by all Exhibit 300 Programs in order to achieve EVMS compliance.” . “My EVMP® training experience and EVMI®’s focus on the management concepts related to Earned Value, rather than simply the mathematical mechanics helped us to detail a plan to transform the practice from a mandated series of reports, beyond an early warning system, and into an executable program management mindset and technique”

Mr. Jim Gibbons, EVMP®, PMP®, ITIL®, CTT+
CEO, XO Consultants

“I felt that the homework was the most challenging aspect of the course, however, it prepared me for the EVMP® credential certification exam, and this certification will ensure [and add] quality and value to my job”

Ms. Elizabeth Slang, BS (Communication Studies & Public Relations), EVMP®
Earned Value Management Analyst, SCITOR Corporation, Virginia

“The 5-day EVMP® credential certification training program is equivalent to the Navy Seals or United States Marine Corps Basic Training. I was covered in EVMP® sweat. I am now a strong believer that if I can make it through the challenging and extensive EVMP® Earned Value Management Professional® training, there isn’t a problem/issue that I can not solve or overcome. I am ready and motivated!”

Ms. Alicia Nicole Anderson, BS (Criminal Justice), MS (Criminal Justice Administration), EVMP®, PMP®
Program Manager, Attain

“The EVMP® certification was the next logical choice in my career development for controlling and managing projects. I needed to secure the EVMP® credential in order to transition onto a larger Federal Government program. Little did I realize when I registered to take ‘The Kwaku Akyeampong Approach to Earned Value Management Excellence®’ and Earned Value Management Professional® (EVMP®) certification credential training, I would receive the most comprehensive Earned Value Management (EVM) training a project management professional could hope for. This course is intense. This course is challenging. This course is empowering. This course is the next right choice for every seasoned project management professional who wants to make project cost overruns and schedule delays a thing of the past. EVMI®’s EVMP® training equips you with the knowledge and tools to manage any project; regardless of size, scale, technical scope and complexity.”

Ms. Monique Silver, BS in Communications, EVMP®
Project Controls Manager , AECOM, USA

“The EVMP® course presented by Earned Value Management Institute offers the most valuable take away knowledge of any Professional Project Management training I have experienced! I have been through many seminars and training sessions including High Profile Project Management Training with the most experienced instructors”.

With this course (EVMP®), presented by EVMI® Earned Value Management Institute®, a thorough understanding of Earned Value Analysis & Project Controls are taught as motivating and empowering. Completion of the EVMP® has taken Project Management to new levels of potential for me as leader. The EVMP® has had a rejuvenating effect on my view of Project Management. The drive and inspirational teaching from EVMI® Instruction plus the expectation of completing the EVMI® testing sets EVMP® miles higher. Having successfully completed the EVMP® certification course testing enhances the dgree of confidence needed to implement all EVMP® tools to every project.”

Mr. Robert Ramsey, BS in Aerospace Technology, EVMP®
Senior Project Manager, United Technologies Aerospace, Colorado, USA

“This course exceeded my expectations. Professor Kwaku Akyeampong presented valuable instruction and information about the Earned Value Management System (EVMS) in a concise and no-nonsense manner. The EVMP® course is valuable for those in the public sector because the Earned Value Management Professional® certification is a new paradigm for going beyond wishful thinking, and into the reality of project accomplishment”

Mr. Hector Chavez, BA, MA, EVMP®, Standford Certified Project Manager (SCPM), Certified Six Sigma Green Belt (CSSGB), ITILv3
Senior Project Risk and Control Manager, DynCorp International, USA

“EVMI® gave me the tools and understanding that I need to serve my clients (both internal and external) at a level that they deserve and should demand in today’s economy”

Ms. Carla Stone, BS in Accounting and Business Administration, CISM, CISSP, EVMP®
Vice President, Federal Programs, Techguard Security®, St. Louis, Missouri, USA

“EVMi® provides the connection between theory and practice that all managers and companies need for the delivery of products, services and projects on time and within budget.” “The visibility provided to projects run rates, schedule performance, projected cost and projected delivery is invaluable to success. The EVMP® instructor, Mr. Kwaku Akyeampong, is both well versed in EVM as well as informative and insightful. His command of EVM is unsurpassed. While the class moves at remarkable speed and the after class time demand is high, you feel enabled, empowered and renewed upon completion. Highly recommended for all project managers and above in any government agency, organization or company. You will be enlightened”

“Wow, EVMi® has changed the way I approach any project, or manufacturing task. I am proud of completing this EVMP® course and am recommending it to other executives within our company and at other professional organizations. Keep up the outstanding work.”

Mr. Ronald Matthews, BS in Systems Engineering, MBA, EVMP®, AS 9100C Qualified Lead Auditor
Vice President , CALCULEX®, Las Cruces, New Mexico, USA

“The EVMP® credential certification training that I received from EVMI® far exceeded my expectations that I had. The knowledge and EVMI® best practices that I received from this course will be immediately implemented on our programs and projects, and will be an invaluable, value-add to our clients and to ourselves.” “After performing project scheduling for nearly fifteen years, I was amazed to see that there was substantial room for improvement, and especially on how doing simple things right can have such an impact on helping ensure our projects come in on time and within budget”

Tom Rosenbaugh, B.S in Project Management, EVMP®, PMI-SP®
Scheduling Manager, Burns & McDonnell, USA

“Great training providing all techniques to implement Earned Value Management effectively; and on how to properly use Earned Value Management industry guidelines to efficiently manage projects”

Mr. Brady Schwartz, B.S in Construction Management, EVMP®, CAPM®
Project Controls Specialist, Burns & McDonnell, Houston, Texas, USA

“The EVMP® certification program, with absolute certainty gave me valuable knowledge and confidence as a leader and practitioner of EVM that I can to do all these things better. When I speak on aspects of EVM, I am reflecting EVM best practices, and its highest standards. I feel an even greater degree of professionalism, and an amazing degree of foresight in seeing beforehand the many challenges and obstacles that affect so many software development efforts, and may help put things in place to reduce, avoid and mitigate some of those perceived risks.”

Mr. Arnold Reynolds, MS (Mathematics), MS (Information Systems), EVMP®, PMP
Earned Value Management Subject Matter Expert & Principal Consultant, SENTINEL Program at Federal Bureau Of Investigation (FBI)

“Before the EVMP® course there was a “fog” in my thought process between the budget and the final desired product. The EVMP® course has cleared that fog for me. I am completely confident to use the EVMP® tools and implement EVM into division policy. I am able to participate in discussions and planning sessions that involve projections of possible outcomes and desired results that include realistic budget estimates and scope creep precautions.” “Lots of hard work. EVMI® is a very focused and professional organization. The practical work and case studies were not only relevant but they expanded my knowledge base and opened new dimensions of basic understanding.” “Come prepared to work day and night. This EVMP® Earned Value Management Professional® certification is one you will earn and be proud of. Study everything you can”

“Previously I served 9 years on active duty and have attended several civilian education and training courses since. The EVMP® course is presented in a way that integrates the target knowledge into each participant’s current working knowledge base. There are plenty of hands-on, practical exercises with immediate feedback. The classroom discussions create information sharing between subject matter experts (SME). There are also opportunities to form study groups and the instructor is available before and after training sessions for as long as is needed/productive. It is truly possible to take away as much knowledge as you can possibly absorb. Concerning presentation, content, and instructor competence [Professor. Kwaku Akyeampong, EVMI® President was my instructor]; EVMI® is far ahead of the rest and sets a new standard of excellence”. “The most valuable aspects of the EVMP® course for me are the: The Stakeholder Matrix – Managing Stakeholders; EVMATOM® Matrix for tracking and managing project tasks; and most valuable, the lifetime relationship established with EVMI® for onsite visits, and future mentoring. EVMS implementation seems nearly instinctive to me now.”

Ms. Holly Beckstrom, BS (Information Systems), Master of Education (Instructional Technology), EVMP®, EVMD/EVMO®
Senior Information Technology (IT) Specialist, INFOSEC, Cyber Policy and Oversight, Office of the Chief Information Officer (OCIO), United States Department of Agriculture (USDA)

“Completion of the EVMP® Earned Value Management Professional® credential certification training has certainly added a new level of competence to my program management capabilities. I have over 30+ years in the technology industry, of which 20+ years is in the areas of project management”. “Three years ago, I was given the opportunity to serve as the Program Manager for the closeout of a very difficult and problem plagued program”. “Although my company, Northrop Grumman has a very robust Earned Value Management System (EVMS), of which this program was a part of, I was immediately overwhelmed by cost and schedule overruns. The Earned Value (EV) data was there, however, I was not able to leverage it effectively to regain control as quickly as I would have liked”. “This EVMP® training has given me the tools to bring order to chaos “quickly”. I can not change what could have happened or the difference that could have been made if this was part of my tool sets [referring to EVMP® training and certification] in the past. However, completion of this EVMP® training and certification certainly provides me with what I need to deliver what is required on time and within budget going forward”

“Thank you, Professor Kwaku Akyeampong, you are truly a Subject Matter Expert in this area [EVM]. I admire your dedication and passion to EVM and quality. And your stories brought EVM to life!!!. Don’t stop doing what you are doing!”

Mr. Gerald Davis, BS (Electronics & Industrial Technology), MBA, MS in Technology Management, EVMP®
International Program Manager, Northrop Grumman, USA

“The EVMP® class materials are excellent and will allow me to more effectively and efficiently manage my projects and programs”

Mr. Thomas McDonald, MBA, Six Sigma Black Belt (SSBB), PMP®, EVMP®
Operations Project Manager, L-3 Communications, Salt Lake City UTAH, USA

“I have truly enjoyed the EVMP® Earned Value Management Professional® credential certification process. It has been an intense course with a lot of valuable information and I think all the time and work I have invested in this certification process is well worth it. As a result, I expect to be a better project manager by implementing the EVMP® tools I have acquired in the last several days” “As I have recently moved to manage large projects, all the information and tools presented in class, and the exercises, are a great set of knowledge that will help me in my current job responsibilities and my overall career”

Mr. Jeremy Daniel Gonzalez, BS in Construction Management, EVMP®
Operations Project Manager, L-3 Communications, Salt Lake City, UTAH, USA

“The EVMi® training for the EVMP® certification was a very informational and engaging class because it provided me with both knowledge and tools required to manage my projects successfully using Earned Value Management Systems (EVMS) best practices and industry standards. The EVMP® certification program incorporates EVMS methods and approaches, and it showed me how to improve the overall management of my projects through accountability, transparency and oversight.” “I thought this course provided me with the insight and tools to improve scope, schedule, cost and quality management aspects of my projects”

Mrs. Yu-Ting Tina Chao, BS in Finance, MS in Project Management, PMP®, EVMP
Mrs. Yu-Ting Tina Chao, BS in Finance, MS in Project Management, PMP®, EVMP®; Deputy Program Manager, ADDX, Alexandria, USA

“I think the EVMP® credential program is great. I’ve learned a lot from it. The program provided me with a great guideline on how to implement EVMS [Earned Value Management System] effectively on my group projects. Overall, it’s a wonderful program and I strongly recommend it”

Mrs. Ngochuong Luu, BS in Management and Management Information Systems (MIS), EVMP®
Senior Financial Analyst, ManTech International Corporation, Fairfax, USA

“The EVMP® Earned Value Management Professional® certification program is about leadership and problem solving based on Earned Value Management (EVM). I am very pleased with the training I received. The international and culturally diverse perspective of the instructor, Professor Kwaku Akyeampong, was a bonus. This takes EVM to a new level”

Mr. Russell Guzek, BS Electronics Engineering Technology, MBA, PMP®, EVMP®, EVMP – IT
Program Director, SAFRAN, USA

Mr. Dave Maestas, BS in Computer Science, MS in Computer Science, EVMP®, CISSP
Chief Technology Officer (CTO) , Techguard Security®, Louis Missouri, USA

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