PROFILE OF LEADERS: Featured CEVO®, CRQO™, ChPCO™, EVMD™, EVMO™, EVMP® – Dr. Kara Lewis, Internal Revenue Service (IRS), United States Department of Treasury

Featured CEVO® Chief Earned Value Officer®, CRQO™ Chief Risk & Quality Officer™, ChPCO™ Chief Project Control Officer™, EVMD™ Earned Value Management Director™, EVMO™ Earned Value Management Officer™,  EVMP® Earned Value Management Professional®- Dr. Kara Lewis


Dr. Kara Lynn Lewis, PhD, MBA, MS, BS, EVMP®, EVMP – Government™, EVMD™, EVMO™, CRQO™ , ChPCO™, ChPRO™; CEVO®

Associate Director, Internal Revenue Service (IRS), United States Department of Treasury, Washington DC, USA (IRS is a United States Federal Government Agency)

EVMI® Earned Value Management Institute® Certifications Held:

EVMP® Earned Value Management Professional®;

EVMP – Government™;

EVMD™ Earned Value Management Director;

EVMO™ Earned Value Management Officer™;

CRQO™ Chief Risk & Quality Officer™;

ChPCO™ Chief Project Control Officer™

CEVO® Chief Earned Value Management Officer® (ongoing);

C-Suite Institute Certifications Held:

ChPRO™ Chief Program Officer™

ExecPM™ Executive Project Manager™ (ongoing)

Leadership Achievements/Accomplishments:


Subject Matter Expertise:




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